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Silent Auction

Special Exhibits


Brown Bag Scrap Challenge


Our guild members have been scouring the country for Row by Row patterns since it began in 2014. This special exhibit will highlight the results of their scavenger hunts showing off their creativity and ingenuity with rows from shops in more than 25 states. Our "United Scraps of America" map will show you where they traveled to collect patterns. 

We hope this will inspire you to come along for the ride this year when the 2017 Row by Row Experience is "On the Go!"


Panel Challenge

The 2016 Who Are You? guild challenge invited members to make a small quilt that portrayed themselves. Would friends and family be able to look at the quilt and know who made it? Quilters were asked to “step out of their skin” and take a close look at themselves. How could they put ideas and impressions about their person into a quilt that would leave a lasting impression about who they were and what was important to them. It was amazing to see the results produced in these stitched and quilted self-portraits! Who will you recognize?

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